Understand binary options for successful investment

Understand binary options for successful investment

April 4, 2019 Off By Donnald Devis


Binary options in one amongst the many online stock trading system. Stock trading depends on the investor’s ability to understand the market. Just as the name suggests “binary,” it gives you only two results, i.e., you either win or lose. Even a comparatively new trader can also make successful trading decisions and earn profits. However, not everyone trading in binary options will make a profit many of the investors end up being in losing side of the trade.

Binary options trading over the weekend

One cannot trade in binary options signals over the weekend as the stock market remains closed on the weekend. As the stock market is closed, the prices of the commodities generally do not move. So, the investors are left with nothing to predict, as there is zilch movement in the stock market.

However, a certain number of brokers allow investors to trade even on the weekends. The investors get the option to trade mostly in indexes and bitcoin. The volatility of the indexes and bitcoins is not so high. The profits are also comparatively low. Hence, it is not really easy for the investors to make a prediction regarding the direction. But, this act can be used as a means to gain experience as every experience counts.

Types of binary options

  • High-low: It is the most popular type of binary options trading. The trader here speculates whether the price of the instrument is going to increase or decrease in the near future.
  • One touch: The trader makes a prediction whether the price of the investment will reach a certain price during the course of the open trade before it expires.
  • No touch: It is quite similar to one touch. However, here the trader speculates whether the price of the asset won’t reach the given limit before the expiration of the period.