Discover These 4 Amazing Spots in Batam during Your Trip

Discover These 4 Amazing Spots in Batam during Your Trip

June 27, 2019 Off By Donnald Devis


Batam Island in Indonesia has many attraction places if only you look closer. Read below to discover 4 amazing spots in Batam during your trip there.

Pulau Tunjuk 

Batam is not only about its main island, but it also consists of its surrounding islands as well! 

At Pulau Tunjuk, a treasure awaits — an abandoned shipwreck, as though directly out of a pirate film! If you’re adventurous enough, you may even wish to jump onto the wreck together with your teammates, and learn more about the crannies and nooks and pose for pictures. 

After researching the shipwreck, you may take a dip in the crystal clear water, have fun on the sandy beaches or pitch a camping tent there for the night. 

Pancur Muka Kuning Waterfall

Pancur Muka Kuning Waterfall may be only an industrial park, but the forested areas, where the Pancur Waterfall is situated, is a gem for nature lovers. 

As you hike throughout the paths of the forests on your way to the sea, you’ll get the opportunity to wade in shallow streams of the river, cross bridges shaped from fallen tree trunks and see the large swamp areas within the forest. 

For the best experience, visit throughout the rainy season, when there’s more water flowing throughout the river. 

Viovio Beach 

Have you ever dreamt of a magical beach where you could see starfish lying on the stones, place tiny crabs crawling on the sand, and corals reefs throughout the crystal clear waters? 

You can really do this in Viovio Beach. 

If you’re up for the challenge, then try to climb the wooden installment in the sea up to the top and jump directly into the sea! 

Looking for something more fun than that? You can hop on a banana boat or a kayak. Or if you feel lazy, pick up a book and listen to the song of the waves crashing against the corals, or just chill in a gazebo with your family? 

Most importantly, stay until dusk. The picture of the orange sun descending into the horizon beneath the sea is just mesmerizing! 

Turi Beach 

What would you say to be tossed by water into mid-air and hanging precariously above the sea? 

Or being hauled across the water in full speed creating substantial splashes of waves? 

You will enjoy a lot of adventurous water sports in Turi Beach Resort, such as fly-board and hoverboard, jet-skiing and wakeboarding. 

Desire something up in the air to pump up your adrenaline? Glide throughout the heavens like you’re on a parachute driven by a system on the water. You’ll have as much pleasure, you’ll forget to breathe!