5 Reasons to Hire a Company Formation Consultant When Starting a Business in Dubai

5 Reasons to Hire a Company Formation Consultant When Starting a Business in Dubai

May 3, 2019 Off By admin

Setting up a business in Dubai has its own methodology and rules, which a foreign investor has to understand when planning on setting up a company in Dubai.

The UAE government has implemented various policies and pathways to help foreign investors have an easier time in starting a business in Dubai. For these reasons (and more), setting up a company in Dubai is quite easy, straightforward, and quick, if one knows the methods, rules and regulations.

Working with a company formation and registration consultant can expedite and make the whole business setup process a lot less stressful. This is because when you work with a reputable consultant to start your business in Dubai, you will enjoy the following benefits:

1.    You will get help with checking the viability of your business idea

To avoid wasting time and money setting up a company, you have to know first if your proposed business will survive and thrive in Dubai. You can use the results of the feasibility study to make your decision to push through with your plan or to modify it.

Company formation and registration consultants have the resources and a team to conduct the feasibility on your behalf. Additionally, they have the capability to conduct the analysis on a wider business and marketing environment. Because of this, they will be able to provide you with more information that will help you make effective decisions.

2.    You will get assistance with finding the best jurisdiction for your business

There are two main options on where to open your business in Dubai: onshore and offshore.

Opening your business onshore or in the main areas of Dubai means having to look for a local sponsor.

On the other hand, if you choose to set up your company in a Dubai free zone, you will have full ownership of your business. However, you will still have to operate under certain rules and regulations.

Since your choice of location also dictates the ownership of your business, this is a decision you can’t make lightly.When you know all the relevant rules and regulations and the pros and cons of the possible jurisdictions, you will be able to make the right decision. You can do this with the help of a reputable consultant who can give you all the information you need for the decision-making process.

3.    You will be certain your business will be set up legally

Although it is easy to establish a company in Dubai, it doesn’t mean you won’t have to go through any formalities or standard procedures to be a legally operating entity in the emirate.

To formally set up a business here, your company needs to be registered and acquire the necessary licenses. If you are not familiar with the legal side of opening a business in Dubai, you will need a lot of time reading and understanding them.

And even if you take the time to do this, since you are new to setting up a business in this country, it is highly likely you will misunderstand something and, thus, make a costly mistake.

When you have a consultant helping you out, you can rest assured that everything you are doing is legal and in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations in Dubai.

4.    You will have access to your consultant’s connections

It can be hard to network and find the ideal people you need to get your company started if you are new to Dubai. But if you work with a business setup consultant, your partner already has the connections and the network to help you get started.They will put you in contact with the right people so that you have everything you need to start and run your company.

More importantly, you can benefit from your consultant’s connections when the time comes for you to deal with the different government agencies during the setup process. This is because your consultant will act as the liaison between your company and each government agency.

5.    You will get advice on how to remain profitable

Finally, with their years of experience, your consultant can share with you tips and strategies on how to drum up business. They will also have plenty of advice to offer on how you can run a profitable business.

Even after you have opened your business, you can always ask your consultant for advice on anything you need to run a successful company.

When you want to quickly and successfully establish your first business in Dubai, get help from a company formation and registration consultant. Don’t hesitate to consult them whenever you need help with running your business as well.


Raj Herry is the Founder and Chairman of Flying Colour Business Setup Services. His extensive experience comes from more than 15 years in the field of company incorporation for Dubai Mainland, all Free Zones across the UAE and offshore companies worldwide. He also owns several business centres offering furnished and ready-to-move offices in Dubai.